Jeremy Shen Receives GSDI Special Service Award at GSDI-15 Global Conference

Mr Jeremy Shen has received the GSDI Special Service Award in Taipei, Taiwan, presented to him by GSDI President Dr. David Coleman. The Award is in recognition of the significant contribution Jeremy has made to the capacity building efforts of the Association over several years. His work and dedication to GSDI are very much appreciated.

Prof Harlan Onsrud Receives GSDI Exempelary Service Award at GSDI-15 Conference


At the GSDI Council meeting held in Taipei, Taiwan, on 28 November, 2016, Prof. Harlan Onrsud, the first and longest serving GSDI Executive Director and Secretary-General, received the GSDI Exempleary Service Award from GSDI President, Dr. David Coleman.

The GSDI Global Citizen Award



The Global Citizen Award is an occasional award of the GSDI Association. The GSDI Association occasionally recognizes globally an individual who has provided exemplary thought leadership and substantive worldwide contributions in (1) promoting informed and responsible use of geographic information and geospatial technologies for the benefit of society and/or (2) fostering spatial data infrastructure developments that support sustainable social, economic, and environmental systems integrated from local to global scales. See the criteria and award winners below.

GSDI Association Exemplary Service Award

Dr. Alan Stevens receives GSDI's first Exemplary Service Award in 2010.