2014 GSDI Association Small Grants Program Update

Since its launch in 2003, the GSDI Association's Small Grants Program has supported more than 100 projects across the globe. Here is the latest update of the program's work as of 2014.

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GSDI Small Grants Awards 2011-2012

The GSDI Association has announced the winners of the GSDI Small Grants Awards for 2011-2012. Nine cash awards were selected and six applications were put forward for support from URISA's GISCorps.

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GSDI Small Grants Program 2010-2011

It is with pleasure that the GSDI Societal Impacts Committee recommends the below listed as winners of the 2010-11 GSDI Small Grants. Additionally, the URISA’s GISCorps evaluating others for potential geospatial professional services support.

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GSDI Small Grants Program 2017 Call for Proposals Closes

The GSDI Association has been making Small Grants Program awards since 2003 – our longest running project. The cash grants are for US$ 2,500. Although this is not a large amount of money, in emerging nations and developing economy SDI’s, it can go a long way toward SDI preparedness, awareness raising, for building some component of an SDI or to add to SDI sustainability. It may also help to engage other organizations in collaboration and additional co-funding for large projects. Since 2003, more than 100 grants have been made by the Association. 

The application period for the 2017 Call for Proposals closed on 8 June, with over 30 propsals submitted from 25 countries. Review of the proposals has started with announcement of the first four to be funded from the current budget, to be announced on 30 June.

As there are many more than four proposals deserving funding this year, the Association is seeking additional sponsors for Small Grants. Organisations interested in supporting this initiative, please contact GSDI at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

GSDI would also like to thank support from URISA's GISCorps, whose volunteers have assisted many of the past projects and who stand ready to help once again with the evaulation of this year's call results.

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 The GSDI Association is an inclusive organization of academic and research institutions, government agencies, commercial firms, NGOs and individuals from around the world.

The purpose of the organization is to promote international cooperation and collaboration in support of local, national and international Spatial Data Infrastructure research, education, capacity building and implementation challenges, issues and good practice from around the globe that will allow nations to better address social, economic, and environmental issues of pressing importance.

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