Mexico: SIGECO platform to facilitate geographic information management for territorial management

The Reinforcing REDD+ and South-South Cooperation of the National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR, acronym in Spanish) has developed a geographic information platform for territorial information, which will serve the planning and monitoring of local incentives to reduce deforestation and forest degradation.

The GIS of CONAFOR (SIGECO, acronym in Spanish) will enable handling of all the geographic information generated by the institution, as well as that information produced by other federal and local governmental entities, non-governmental organizations and academic institutions that are considered relevant to the territorial management.

This Platform will gather information on the location of federal funds for the forestry sector and will provide to users with relevant social, economic and environmental information to implement local incentives within the REDD+ Framework. By this way, it will accomplish sharing geographic information inside the institution in a fast, secure and reliable manner, contributing to improve planning and administering the funds of CONAFOR in the territory so it can propitiate a sustainable rural development.

The Platform has three components: a geographic database, a Geoportal and a desktop SIG tool. On the one hand, the SIG tool, based on free software, will help to improve the quality of data and will facilitate standardization of geographic information of funds applied by CONAFOR. On the other hand the Geoportal will permit to different Coordinations and Management Offices of CONAFOR access the database to make consults.