Call for Proposals for Small Grants in 2017 Closes

The application period for the 2017 Call for Proposals closed on 8 June, with over 30 propsals submitted from 25 countries. Review of the proposals has started with announcement of the first four to be funded from the current budget, to be announced on 30 June.

As there are many more than four proposals deserving funding this year, the Association is seeking additional sponsors for Small Grants. Organisations interested in supporting this initiative, please contact GSDI at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

GSDI would also like to thank support from URISA's GISCorps, whose volunteers have assisted many of the past projects and who stand ready to help once again with the evaulation of this year's call results.

Proposals for the 2017 Grants include:

  • Establishing SDI in Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan)
  • Everything You Need to Know About Improved Stoves Benin (Benin)
  • SDI to Support Sustainable Energy Planning in West Africa (Cabo Verde)
  • Project Nasa (see proposal description) (Colombia)
  • Spatial Database for GIS Bandama Watershed Cote d’Ivoire (Côte d’Ivoire)
  • Map Artisanal Mining Sites & Effects on Niamusisi Forest Management (DR Congo)
  • Enhancing the Ethiopian Mapping Agency Spatial Data Infrastructure (Ethiopia)
  • Training Program for SDI for Public Health Decision Making India (India)
  • SDI and Spatial Data Training (Indonesia)
  • Development of PPIDS Udayana Geoportals for Spatial Data Sharing in Indonesia (Indonesia)
  • Public Private Academic Partnership Model for NSDI Japan (Japan)
  • Unlocking Government Environmental Data In Kenya KEIN Project (Kenya)
  • SDInet4EDU (Macedonia)
  • Exploring Fit-for-Purpose Land Admin in Malawi (Malawi)
  • Develop Web Service for OGC Web Services Malaysia (Malaysia)
  • NSDI (INSPIRE) Training and Awareness (Moldova)
  • Support for Working Group on formulating SDI Act in Mongolia (Mongolia)
  • Translating GSDI SDI Cookbook ver 2012 (Mongolia)
  • Preparing Grid Statistics and DEGURBA Classification for Montenegro (Montenegro)
  • Community Based Geospatial Data Infrastructure System for Fire Monitoring (Mozambique)
  • Metadata Management within SDI Integral Design Namibia (Namibia)
  • Wennovation Hub Nigeria (Nigeria)
  • Further Development of NSDI in Nigeria (Nigeria)
  • GIS Based Web mapping of National Parks of Pakistan (Pakistan)
  • Spatial Data Metadata Profiling for Pakistan SDI (Pakistan)
  • SDI Promotion Actions in Chongqing, PR China (PR China)
  • Field Survey of Mpongo Wetland (Rwanda)
  • Improving Campus Explorer App Spain (Spain)
  • Developing a Human Settlement SDI for Africa (USA)

 Good luck to all those who submitted proposals in the coming review process!