Small Investment Delivering SDI Returns

Since its launch in 2003, the GSDI Association Small Grants Program has provided support to more than 110 projects across the globe.

galapagos geocomundidad photoThree types of awards are available: a cash award of up to USD2,500 per project; SDI/GIS consulting services up to the value of USD2,500; or a combination of cash award and SDI/GIS consulting services. The consulting services are offered through the GISCorps.

GSDI set up the small grant approach in part based on success of the United States Federal Geographic Data Committee’s Cooperative Agreement Program (FGDC CAP). A study of the FGDC CAP program suggested that smaller grants likely represent a more effective way to distribute funds (MacPherson et. al., 2003; FGDC, 2001). Thus, the small grant approach was viewed as a way to incentivise partners to create and implement solutions for decision-makers. The grants enable a wide range of stakeholders and instil greater stewardship and capacity to manage information resources. Recipients can be government agencies at all levels, non-government organisations, academic institutions, private companies, or combinations of the above. Furthermore, the small grants program has been used to leverage additional resources from partners, such as URISA and Natural Resources Canada. Every grant serves to attract organizations to add to GSDI’s network and knowledge.