Minutes of GSDI 15 Workshop - Towards a Global Assessment of National SDIs

The GSDI Strategic Project - Towards a Global Assessment of National SDIs - held a workshop at the GSDI 15 World Conference in Taipei (Taiwan) on 1 December 2016 at 15:30-17:30, at which several project staff were present along with 16 other participants.

A short introduction was presented by Georgina Chandler and Joep Crompvoets. The main objectives of the workshop were threefold:

1. To understand and explore the principles of NSDI indexing on global level;

2. To define a set of relevant key indicators; and

3. To be involved in the project ‘Global NSDI-Assessment.

After a few introductory slides about assessment studies in general, the project ‘NSDI Assessment Index’ was briefly presented (incl. rationale, methodology, design principles and objectives. The key objective of the project is to develop a high level index for National Spatial Data Infrastructure Globally. This might give guidance to organisations directing investments into this space – and highlight countries which may struggle to report against international agreements such as the Sustainable Development Goals or Aichi Targets (biodiversity).

The design principle is component-based. A set of six components were defined:

1. Regulatory Framework;

2. Governing organisation;

3. Content;

4. Human Resources;

5. Information Gateway; and

6. Standards.

The challenge was to determine/propose the key indicators for each component.

A breakout session was organised in such a way that the participants had to propose maximum three key indicators for each component – each proposal had to be written down on one post-it. In order to smoothen the process, it was decided to divide the participants into 3 groups. Besides the indicators proposals, each indicator had to be briefly introduced, explained, discussed to the other group members, and ‘positioned’ to other indicators for each component. The breakout session was organised in such a way that the group circulated three times. Each time, the group members tackled two components – Regulatory framework + Governing organisation; Content + Human Resources; Information Gateway + Standards. After the three circulations, there was a plenary session in which the main results for each component were presented and summarised. Joep presented the components Regulatory framework + Governing organisation; Georgina presented Content + Human Resources; and David Patterson presented Information Gateway + Standards.

The workshop ended with a short overview of the follow-up actions: Writing a workshop report; Processing the workshop results; Developing the global index; Applying the Global Assessment Index; Organising follow-up workshop; and writing Scientific paper(s).

Tables presenting the indicators mentioned for each component can be downloaded, with this report here. Several (same/similar) indicators were mentioned by the participants more than once – Therefore, same/similar indicators might appear more than once in the tables and are grouped in one table record.