Test the brand-new new EMODnet Geoviewer: integrating layers from thematic lots

One of the unique features of EMODnet globally is the multidisciplinary nature of the data that it aggregates and makes available. The EMODnet thematic portals create data layers and products ranging from information on physical oceanography to seabed habitats to human activities. However, users increasingly want to work across disciplines and visualise or combine these multi-thematic data layers.

To meet these needs, EMODnet is pleased to announce the release of the new EMODnet Geoviewer containing layers from every thematic portal.

The new Geoviewer is a big achievement for the EMODnet team as it required huge work behind the scenes to harmonise the data layers of the portals to allow users to view and combine these diverse layers on a single interface.

Interested to see the seabed substrate or the mean water depth beneath the mariculture farms in your area? This and much more is now possible.

Try the Geonetwork now and send us your feedback!