GSDI Coastal/Marine SDI Best Practice Project Members

Meet the project members who are executing the GSDI Marine/Coastal SDI Best Practice Project:

  • Dr Jade Georis-Creuseveau, Research fellow, French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) – lead researcher on the project.
  • Prof Joep Crompvoets, Public Governance Institute, KU Leuven, Secretary-General EuroSDR – principal academic advisor on the project.
  • Roger Longhorn, Secretary-General, Global SDI Association and member of the IHO Marine SDI Working Group – project researcher and presenter.

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Marine/Coastal SDI Best Practices Capacity Building

The GSDI Marine/Coastal SDI Best Practice is co-led by Dr. Jade Georis-Creuseveau and Prof. dr. Joep Crompvoets, assisted by GSDI Secretary-General, Roger Longhorn. You can see their biographies here (PDF) or view online Marine-Coastal SDI Best Practices Project Members.

Capacity Building

The project conducts research into effectiveness of marine information geoportals and other aspects of delivering successful Marine/Coastal SDIs, including policy and governance challenges - and successes. The results of the project, which ends on 31 October 2017, are presented in papers, both peer reviewed and non-refereed, at relevant SDI and marine sector related conferences, via workhops and a series of webinars, the first of which was offered on 4 November 2016. See ..  There are also links to many past Coastal/Marine SDI workshops that have been offered in the past as well as background documents, which support the workshops and webinars. All materials are made available under the Creative Commons - By Attribution licenses (except where noted for certain background documents).

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Marine/Coastal SDI Best Practices Project

Project Leaders: Dr. Jade Georis-Creuseveau, Prof. dr. Joep Crompvoets


Rapid changes in marine and coastal areas demand implementation of processes and tools to enhance knowledge and management of these territories. To contribute to these goals, Marine and Coastal Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs) facilitate sharing and use of spatial data across a broad range of stakeholders by promoting data and metadata harmonization and services interoperability. A favourable context for increasing efficiency in spatial data production and improving availability and accessibility is being put into place to support the international concepts of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) and maritime spatial planning (MSP). These concepts and related regulations act as the catalyst for increasing production, access, sharing, use and integration of coastal and maritime geo-information in order to inform IZCM/MSP decision making. The needs for coastal and marine SDIs are becoming a priori evident. Within this context, an assessment of the worldwide developments of existing marine and coastal geoportals of SDIs or similar Web services is required.

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