What's new in the INSPIRE Metadata Technical Guidance 2.0

Spatineo are organizing a webinar on the newest development in INSPIRE, presented by Ilkka Rinne who is the editor of the new INSPIRE metadata technical guidance document.

This should be of interest to all those currently implementing INSPIRE across the EU. Details below:

  • Webinar title: What is new in the INSPIRE Metadata Technical Guidance 2.0
  • Presenter: Ilkka Rinne, Editor of The INSPIRE Metadata Technical Guidance 2.0, Founder & CTO of Spatineo Inc.
  • Date/time: 25 October 2016 at 11:00 EET
  • Enroll at http://bit.ly/webinar-oct16

Presented by Ilkka Rinne, Founder & CTO of Spatineo Inc

Ikka rinne profile

A new, completely revised and re-structured version 2.0 of the INSPIRE Technical Guidance for data set and service metadata has been created during spring 2016 as part of the INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation Group work item 8. The main driver for revision was to make the requirements for INSPIRE metadata more clear, unambiguous and testable.

In this webinar Mr. Ilkka Rinne from Spatineo, the editor of the new guidance document, will guide you through the completely revised document structure of the INSPIRE Metadata Technical Guidance 2.0, highlight the most important changed and revised parts, and provide information on the impacts on the metadata providers including validation tools and transition period.

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