GeoPackage - An Open Format for Geospatial Information

GeoPackage  is an open, standards-based, platform-independent, portable, self-describing, compact format for transferring geospatial information.

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The Datacube Manifesto

Recently, the term datacube is receiving increasing attention as it has the potential of greatly simplifying “Big Earth Data” services for users by providing massive spatio-temporal data in an analysis-ready way. However, there is considerable confusion about the data and service model of such datacubes.

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Information gathering, management and transferring for geospatial intelligence – A conceptual approach to create a SDI

Author(s): Paulo Nunes, Anacleto Correia, and M. Filomena Teodoro
AIP Conference Proceedings 1836, 020076 (2017)

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52°North Student Innovation Challenge 2017: Bridging IoT and Sensor Web Applications

52North logoThe 52°North Student Innovation Challenge stimulates students to generate and implement innovative ideas and concepts for a specific topic in the GeoIT domain. The challenge acknowledges and rewards creative and innovative minds.

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Approach to facilitating geospatial data and metadata publication using a standard geoservice

ijgi logoAuthor(s): Sergio Trilles, Laura Díaz and Joaquín Huerta
ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information 6: 126 (Published online 25 April 2017)

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Interacting with Big Geospatial Data - Methods for Virtual Exploration and Visual Analysis

Advances in capturing techniques such as laser scanning and photogrammetry have significantly increased the volume of geospatial datasets. Big geodata has become an important asset for analysis and decision-making, but also poses a challenge for state-of-the-art visualisation techniques. This article presents research results addressing this problem for the infrastructure and planetary science application domains. The methods discussed here enable users to fluently explore and efficiently analyse the growing wealth of geospatial data.

(article by Christoph Traxler and Gerd Hesina, Austria)

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Geodata interoperability and harmonization in transport: a case study of open transport net

Authors: Carina Veeckman, Karel Jedlička, Dieter De Paepe, Dmitrii Kozhukh, Štěpán Kafka, Pieter Colpaert and Otakar Čerba
Published in: Open Geospatial Data, Software and Standards 2:3 (2017). Published: 24 February 2017.

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