France: Signing of memorandum of understanding on the deployment of the Street Body Plan Simplified

An historic agreement is now in place on the sharing of a background layer between network operators and communities. On 24 June 2015, the Luxembourg Palace, under the auspices of Senator Roland Courteau, President of CNIG (National Council for Geographic Information,, signed a national memorandum of understanding on the deployment of Street Body Plan Simplified (CASP).


UK: Defra to release open satellite imagery that could transform food and farming

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) will release at least 8,000 open datasets in the coming months. Harnessing this open data will help food and farming achieve its full potential and enable the UK to become a one-nation economy, where the productivity of the countryside will be brought up to the level of our towns and cities. New data releases will be announced in the coming months and will build upon wider environmental data releases such as:

  • Imagery from the Copernicus satellite system that can pinpoint which places have the best soil and microclimates to grow grapes for sparkling wine, detect live if a ship is acting suspiciously in a marine conservation zone, or assess the health of crops and chart their performance under different conditions from space.
  • Real-time air quality and river level readings, beach cleanliness measurements and the records of the National Biodiversity Network ( which charts plant, animal, bird, insect and invertebrate numbers across Britain and has just logged its hundred-millionth record.

Germany: Update of “Architecture of GDI-DE - conventions for metadata” Version 1.1.0 available for download

Version 1.1.0 of the “Architecture of GDI-DE - conventions for metadata” is available for download. The document explains the conventions relating to metadata and making it available and summarized.

Access the document at:

Note also: Publication of decisions in 2015 of the Steering Committee GDI-DE (LG GDI-DE),