EuroSDR Workshop "Identifying the Economic Value of 3D Geoinformation"

It is a pleasure to announce the EuroSDR workshop “Identifying the economic value of 3D geoinformation”. This workshop will take place on 30 to 31 March 2017 in Barcelona, Spain.

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In November, INSPIRE officially adopted the OGC Web Coverage Service (WCS) as INSPIRE Coverage Download Service. Jordi Escriu, Facilitator of the corresponding Thematic Cluster 3, calls "WCS the natural way to deliver and exploit coverage data".

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GSDI Report from UN-GGIM Europe Meeting 5 October 2016 in Budapest

The GSDI Association was represented at the 3rd Plenary meeting of the UN-GGIM Europe Regional Committee in Budapest, Hungary, on 5 October by our representative Dr Gabor Remetey. His report can be downloaded here (PDF). The GSDI submission to the meeting can be found here (PDF). Observer status was granted to the GSDI Association at the meeting.

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Sharing and Reuse Award: European competition for reusable IT solutions in public administration

eu competitionIn public administrations across Europe, countless IT solutions and services are in place that could often easily be reused by other public administrations. Reuse of successful existing software would stop continuous reinvention of the wheel and could help to save time and costs for users and administrations alike and increase interoperability between systems.

To promote the visibility of such solutions and to encourage their reuse, the European Commission has decided to single out the most used and successful ones in the public sector through the new EC Sharing and Reuse Awards.

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Icelandic organisations pledge to provide data for gateway to pan-European maps and land information

Iceland has committed to contribute data to a gateway to pan-European maps, geographic and land information from official sources.

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Poland: The use of spatial data infrastructure in environmental management

Author(s): Zwirowicz-Rutkowska A., Michalik A.
Environmental Management, published online June 29, 2016 (Epub ahead of print)
The Use of Spatial Data Infrastructure in Environmental Management: an Example from the Spatial Planning Practice in Poland

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Spatineo Spatial Web Services Webinars

In June, Spatineo  will organize to webinars for GIS professionals

22.6..2016 at 16.30 EETMonitoring and usage analytics of popular Spatial Web Services (in the Portuguese language).

The webinar will provide insights on how to gain more understanding of the users of the spatial web services (who they are and how they are using the services), how to maintain and improve quality of the services and how to report the data to e.g. INSPIRE directive. The webinar will include a case study..

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28.6.2016 at 11.00 EET- Security of the cloud (in the German language)
How does the cloud work? Is it secure to use cloud services for storing public and private data? Can a spatial web service benefit from using a cloud service? All of those questions will be answered during the webinar "Security of the cloud" on 28th June.

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Spatineo is the leading European company providing availability monitoring, usage analytics and performance testing tools for Spatial Web Services.