Upcoming seminar: Next steps in building Australia's SDI

Seminar on Wednesday, June 7, 2017 (11am): Information is like wine, technology is like fish: the next steps in building Australia's spatial data infrastructure

Foundation spatial data is utilised widely across different community sectors and is critical for public safety or national problem-solving. These datasets include addresses, administrative boundaries, place names, transport, imagery, water, elevation and depth, property, and positioning.

GeoscienceAustraliaGeoscience Australia will demonstrate two platforms which support the implementation of a modern infrastructure for location information: the LINK, which describes the trusted foundation spatial datasets and supporting business information; and ELVIS, which now provides free, open and offline access to many of Australia's foundation spatial datasets. The seminar will outline next steps to improve discoverability, viewability, data quality and time to market.

Source: http://anzlic.gov.au/news/events/next-steps-building-australias-spatial-data-infrastructure