GISCorps Participation in Democratic Republic of the Congo Project

Some time ago GISCorps wrote to all regarding a project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and thanking the volunteers who were involved in this project as well. The time given by GISCorps volunteers, which may have been a small gesture on your part, has made a big difference in making sure children get their vaccination.

In the last week we managed to digitize 360,000 building points which is a huge help for the program in the remote areas of Haut Lomami. GIS is making a big difference to polio eradication. We have planned for two rounds of polio vaccination campaign in Haut Lomami and its adjacent 4 districts and in Maniema province, DRC.

My request is let you know that our target is not yet completed because we have 4 additional districts adjoining Haut Lomami. We are planning to run a 48 hour challenge with a target of 150,000 buildings. This will be on the weekend of 10 – 11 June 2017. We have made some great changes to the workflow and the speed of the app has improved to a great extent and recently we had a young volunteer crossing 1000 building points in an hour.

Your single dot on the map will be used by our field volunteers to make sure it’s covered in their vaccination campaigns and that children there don’t miss their vaccinations. I have been involved in polio eradication for the last six years and my journey has been fascinating and I am happy to say that we are very close to eradication as summarized here:

This project is a joint initiative between CDC, WHO, ESRI and GISCorps to get the imagery, prepare, load and to serve them along with the app development and volunteer management. The WHO country office was very thankful and they decided to have a short video to thank you all for the tremendous work you guys have been doing which you can view at: 

To be part of this great initiative please follow the instructions. If you are part of this group already, login with your account to start digitizing, For new volunteers:

1. Add your name to this spreadsheet: 

2. GISCorps will send you credentials to their ArcGIS Online account for the DRC Group.

a. Use the editing app ( ) for digitizing.

b. Full instructions here: 

c. Monitor progress here (AGO login required): 

3. Join Slack for the latest information: 

Invite your geospatial friends to join the effort!


Ravi Shankar, WHO