Prof. Dr. Josef Strobl appointed GeoAmbassador for the GeoForAll community

"On behalf of the GeoForAll community, it is my great pleasure to honour our excellent colleague Prof. Dr. Josef Strobl as our GeoAmbassador." from Dr. Suchith Anand, GeoForAll.

Josef Strobl is a Professor at the Department of Geoinformatics at the University of Salzburg, Austria. He is one of the pioneers involved in expanding geoeducation esp. online GIS education through the UNIGIS International Association . He is not only the chair of UNIGIS but also the brains behind the success of UNIGIS. Josef is the force behind GI_Forum GeoInformatics Forum Salzburg which helped establish University of Salzburg at the centre of key developments by bringing together the GI-Forum community to discuss new ideas and developments for the future.

I greatly admire his leadership abilities and vision. When we established GeoForAll, he was one of the first visionaries that we approached to serve on our Advisory Board. We thank Josef and colleagues for establishing the 75th OSGeo lab at the University of Salzburg. More details at 

We are proud to honour Josef as our GeoAmbassodor and we are extremely grateful for his contributions to Geo for All. Josef is a great ambassador for Geospatial Science globally. May I also use this opportunity to send greetings on behalf of GeoForAll to all colleagues now at GI_Forum 2017 this week (July 4-7, 2017) and wishing them productive meetings and discussions.

Dr. Suchith Anand 

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