Geoscape Rollout Release 2 update

Part of our role as innovators in the geospatial industry is to inform our partners of progress with new products and changes to existing products to ensure you can adequately plan around each release cycle. Since 19 December 2016 when PSMA delivered the first Release of Geoscape, the only national built environment dataset for Australia, we have maintained the pace of development for Release 2.

This has not been without its challenges. When dealing with satellite image capture and processing, many factors can impact the resulting dataset – cloud cover, shadowing from tall buildings and seasonal variation in Surface cover to name a few. PSMA and our partners have contended with a range of these challenges in recent weeks, and have worked hard to ensure the next release of Geoscape will meet your expectations for quality while staying as close as possible to our intended release schedule.

What is evolving?

To allow for some limited image recapture and adequate processing time, PSMA has revised the Geoscape release schedule.

Geoscape Release 2 is now scheduled for April 2017.

Specific changes to the content of Release 2 are summarised below:

- Due to issues with source imagery, an area of approximately 240km2 in the Campbelltown area, along with an area in the Blue Mountains west of Springwood and Kurrajong district north-west of Sydney will all be excluded from the Greater Sydney data. We are working on a resolution with our partners and intend to deliver this area as part of Geoscape Release 3.

- Based on the date of receipt of Launceston and NSW Rural source data, and our decision to prioritise Sydney, these areas will now be excluded from processing for Release 2. We intend to deliver both as part of Geoscape Release 3.

- Due to a number of challenges with Queensland Rural Surface Cover data caused by seasonal variation in imagery and cloud cover, we have taken the decision to reprocess this data, and it will be excluded from Release 2. Please note, we will still release Queensland Rural Buildings data as part of Release 2, with Surface Cover now expected in Release 3,

Going forward, the time period for each release has changed from a quarterly to a time-of-year estimate to allow PSMA flexibility to recapture and reprocess imagery when necessary and continue to deliver quality data products.

What is the key information?

For each of the Locations listed in the Release 2 phase, please see below for detail on what will be included.
1. (NEW) Sydney – All of Sydney urban, excluding the Campbelltown area
2. (NEW) QLD rural – Buildings only (excludes Surface Cover)
3. (NEW) *SA urban areas – some additional urban areas for SA
4. (NEW) Griffith, NSW plus a number of small NSW urban areas on the South Coast between Batemans Bay and Narooma.
5. (UPDATED) the release of Adelaide, Rural SA, and ACT data, including updated linkages with our other PSMA datasets.

*SA urban areas still to be captured include Port Augusta, Mount Gambier, Murray Bridge, Ceduna and Coober Pedy. These are expected in a later release.

What else do you need to know?

PSMA will continue to commit to the quality and reliability of our datasets to ensure the most accurate national built environment information is available at each release.

A dedicated web page will be updated as Geoscape rollouts continue: 

Please contact us if you wish to discuss the changes above.

Martina Broder, Marketing Manager