A multi-criteria method for assessment of spatial data infrastructure effectiveness

Zwirowicz-Rutkowska, A., 2017. Earth Science Informatics pp 1–14, First Online: 09 February 2017 (open access)

Abstract: There is a demand for evaluation of spatial data infrastructures (SDIs), to justify and monitor the relations between investments in SDI initiatives and the results obtained. It is also essential to pay particular attention to identifying user communities, and eliciting their assessment of effects deriving from an SDI. The paper introduces a concept of a multi-criteria method which allows to assess effectiveness of the SDI from the user perspective. The application of the proposed method in the Polish Spatial Data Infrastructure (PSDI) and its main access point to spatial data and services called ‘Geoportal 2’ as well as two groups of the national geoportal”s users (spatial planners and land surveyors) presents its potential. The total scores for the Geoportal 2 indicated the investment has potential and is quite effective, although some components of the PSDI (e.g. main access point, datasets, network services, software, hardware, procedures) may need improvements and additional analyses in the future. The contribution of this paper is the multi-criteria method which enables the analysis of outcomes, benefits (impacts) and business value of using SDI business project’s artifacts (outputs) considering the following dimensions: information and support provided, use process, user organizational performance, strategic alignment and business impact on user enterprise.

SDI effectiveness assessment

Keywords: User perspective Spatial data infrastructure (SDI) usefulness Spatial data infrastructure (SDI) usability Business project IT investment Multi-view SDI assessment framework

Source: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s12145-017-0292-8