GSDI Attended the CEOS WGISS Executive Committee Meeting 17 January 2018

The CEOS WGISS Executive teleconference meeting held on 17 January 2018 was led by Mirko Albani (WGISS Chair, ESA) and co-chair Robert Woodcock of CSIRO, and attended by working group members from UKSA, NASA, JAXA, NOAA, CNES, RADI and GSDI.

The Chair report referred to the contribution of the WGISS to the CEOS work plan and mentioned some important meetings including the 2nd Open Data Cube Conference, hosted by Geospatial Australia and CSIRO on 14 February 2018 in Canberra, as well as the 3rd GEO Data Providers Workshop hosted by ESA between 2-4 May in Frascati, Italy.

Besides internal issues and short reports on focus areas such as WISP, WGISS Connected Assets, Interoperability, Data Stewardship and Technology Exploration, the meeting dealt with the content and logistics of the forthcoming CEOS WGISS-45 event scheduled for 9-13 April 2018 in San Jose dos Campos, Brazil. Hosted by INPE, the plenaries of the Working Groups Information Systems and Services (CEOS WGISS) and Calibration and Validation (CEOS CVWG) will take place at the same venue, providing opportunity to arrange a joint session as well.

Participants of the WGISS-45 Meeting will get overviews on EO-related activities of INPE (also via a technical visit) as well as developments at the GEO and CEOS System Engineering Office. The plenary will deal with and discuss the following topics: Long-term Data Preservation, Data Discovery, Future Data Architecture, DIAS (Copernicus Sentinel Data Information and Access System), Interoperability, Technology Exploitation (e.g. OGC WebCoverage Standards), Agency/Liaison reports and WGISS-45 Action Items.

For the past decade, the GSDI Association has provided liaison reports, delivered by our representative, Dr. Gabor Remetey-Fulopp. His work on behalf of the Association is very much appreciated.