Contribute to Global Research Agenda for Geospatial Data Science

Research Data Alliance (RDA) is a global community-driven organisation launched and supported by the European Commission together with partners from other regions of the world. RDA has the goal of building the social and technical infrastructure to enable open sharing of research data across geographical boundaries and disciplines.

The RDA Plenaries are working meetings held every six months in different places around the world focused on helping move the community forward in creating tangible deliverables that improve data sharing across disciplines, technologies, and countries.

The 10th RDA Plenary meeting will be held in Montrèal, Canada, 19-21 September 2017. They welcome all those interested in expanding Geospatial Data Science to join Geospatial IG of RDA . The Geospatial IG will be meeting at Montreal to keep building ideas for the global research agenda for Geospatial Data Science . Details at 

The meeting objectives are to :

* Discussions on Geospatial Data Science - Vision 2030 [1][2]
* Plan next steps from OpenCitySmart and UrbanGeoBigData [3] [4]
* Ideas for Education programs for Geospatial Data Science
* Discuss Ideas for starting new WGs in Transport Data

The draft agenda is at