GSDI Geospatial Open Data Webinar Report

The GSDI capacity building webinar on Geospatial Open Data was held on 16 November with 97 registered partcipants and two main presenters.

KnowledgeCentreOpenDataTUDelftDr. Bastian van Loenen of the Knowledge Centre Open Data of Delft University of Technology offered a general open data background presentation. The Knowledge Centre focuses on one of the most promising policies promoting the accessibility of data - open data policies. The research focuses on the governance of open data, its societal and economic impact, and the legal restrictions on or conditions for implementing and utilizing open data policies.

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The second presenter was Dick Eertink of Kadaster Netherlands, presented some of their experiences with open geodata at Kadaster.

KadasterNLlogoThe Netherlands’ Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency collects and registers administrative and spatial data on property and property rights, including for ships, aircraft and telecommunication networks and is responsible for national mapping and maintenance of the national reference coordinate system, and are an advisory body for land-use issues and national SDI.

Kadaster's information is available mainly through online web services, and the main customer groups are civil-law notaries, local authorities, businesses, financial institutions and private individuals.

Kadaster maintains the Key Registers Cadastre and Topography and performs its public tasks in service to society. This is reflected in the way we are organised and the ways in which we publicly account for how we work.

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The presentations can be downloaded here:

Roger Longhorn - Introduction to the Webinar and Open Data Questions

Dr Bastiaan van Loenen on Open Data

Dick Eertink on Experiences with Open Geodata at Kadaster, NL

Background documentation offered to registerd participants includes:

Brave New Open Data World 2012
How to assess success of Open Data (preprint version)
INSPIRE Empowers Re-Use of Public Sector Information
Open Data and Beyond 2016
Sustainable Business Models for Public Sector Open Data Providers

Thanks to Dr van Loenen for these contributions.

Additional Open Data reports are availble from the GSDI Documents Depot. See links below:

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A Framework for Proper Funding - To Charge or Not to Charge
Open Data Consultancy Final Report Scotland 2013
Open data economy: Eight business models for open data and insight from Deloitte UK
Open Government Data - Towards Empirical Analysis of Open Government Data Initiatives - OECD 2013
Danish Benefits extract from Basic Data Fact Sheet 2012
Open Data - Unlocking innovation and performance with liquid information McKinsey 2013

Open Data Portals: from setup to sustainability
A practical guide to using Creative Commons Licences
ODC Open Database License

Both of TU Delft and Kadaster Netherlands are very long-time members of the GSDI Association and we thank them for their willingness to participate in this webinar on such an important topic.