GSDI 15 Workshops from GSDI Members

GSDI 15 Workshops from GSDI Members

If you are attending the GSDI 15 World Conference in Taipei, Taiwan, 29 November to 2 December, don't forget to register for one of the 20 workshops that are on offer, including five from GSDI Members. All workshops are free to attend. Get the details here.

Workshop Sessions from GSDI Members

Visit the Workshop descriptions and registration page at the links below for each workshop that is being presented by GSDI Members at the GSDI 15 World Conference.

Designing and Developing a Global Disaster Management Platform - Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety, Univ. of Melbourne Workshop No. 3 – 29 November

A Platform for Building Safe and Resilient Communities - Esri, Inc. – Workshop No. 4 – 29 November

Workshop of International Open Smart City Spatial Information Standards - Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and Information Center, Ministry of the Interior – Workshop 10 – 30 November

GSDI Marine SDI Capacity Building & Global Index for NSDI Assessment Workshops - GSDI Association Project Workshops Workshop No. 14 – 1 December

Creating business value from high resolution building footprints and building attributes at continental scale - PSMA Australia and DigitalGlobe – Workshop 19 – 2 December

Visit the GSDI 15 Conference Workshop pages on the web to see the complete list of all workshops being offered and registration information. All workshops are free to attend.