GSDI 15 World Conference Proceedings - Refereed Papers

Below are the 27 refereed papers accepted by, and presented at, the GSDI 15 World Conference held in Taipei, Taiwan, from 29 November to 2 December 2016.

James Yichu Chen, Meng-Han Tsai, Tzong-Hann Wu, Shiang-Wen Yang, Shih-Chung Kang - Qualitative - Disaster Information Delivery Through Cloud Technology  (PDF 956.11 kB)

Bolorchuluun Chogsom, Tsogtdulam Munaa, Narantuya Davaa  - GIS Enabled E-Governance  (PDF 360.42 kB)

Edward Kurwakumire - Assessing Readiness for Democratization of Spatial Data and Key Public Sector Information in Zimbabwe (PDF 718.66 kB)

David B. Finley, Andrew MacNeil, David Coleman - Spatial Data Infrastructure in New Brunswick, Canada: Twenty Years on the Web  (PDF 2.13 MB)

Yiqun Chen, Abbas Rajabifard, Geoff Spring, Ged Griffin, Judy Gouldbourn - The Impact of Spatial Enablement and Visualisation on Business Enterprise Databases - What your data have been trying to tell you (PDF1.01 MB)

Collins Mwange Mwungu - Technology Trends for Spatial Data Infrastructure in Africa (PDF 640.79 kB)

Abbas Rajabifard, Serene Ho, Soheil Sabri - Urban Analytics Data Infrastructure: Critical SDI for Urban Management in Australia (PDF 728.30 kB)

Kuo-Chih Hung, Mohsen Kalantari, Abbas Rajabifard - Assessing the Quality of Building Footprints on OpenStreetMap: A Case Study in Taiwan (PDF 1.04 MB)

Walter Timo de Vries, Asmat Ali - The Theory Versus the Reality of Congruence Between eGov and SDI in Pakistan (PDF 426.83 kB)

Nicolas Ray, Pierre Lacroix, Gregory Giuliani, Pauliina Upla, Abbas Rajabifard, David Jensen - Open Spatial Data Infrastructures for the Extractives Sector in Countries Affected by Fragility, Conflict and Violence: Promises and Challenges (PDF 821.60 kB)

Chih-Hung Chang, Jau-Ming Su, Chao-Neng Chang, Chih-Kang Lin, Mei-Hui Shen, Chin-Tung Tsai - Applying Geo-Data to Evaluate the Appropriateness of Bus Network (PDF 788.16 kB)

Pin-Yun Chen, Tsung-Che Haung, Yi-Hsing Tseng - Matching and Relative Orientation of Spherical Panorama Images (PDF 1.24 MB)

Asmat Ali, Munir Ahmad - Analysis of the Barriers to Land Administration in Pakistan (PDF 421.03 kB)

You Shao, Samsung Lim - A Point-based Adaptive Filtering Algorithm for LIDAR Data Classification in Urban Environments (PDF 2.50 MB)

Caitlin McHugh, Samsung Lim - Image Processing and Feature Extraction for Building Information Modelling (PDF 2.07 MB)

HoneJay Chu - Using Smart Phone and Kinect for Fall Detection (PDF 1.34 MB)

Zhixuan Yang, Abbas Rajabifard - Real Property Loss Relief in the Scope of Disaster Governance (PDF 906.05 kB)

Chukwudozie Ezigbalike, Léandre Ngogang Wandji, Peter Kinyua Njagi - Convergence of Spatial Data Infrastructure and Data Revolution (PDF 347.12 kB)

Chia-Yi Cheng, Chen-Fu Lu - The Application of the GIS to the Government’s Regulatory Impact Assessment: A Case Study of the Agricultural Zoning Policy in Taiwan (PDF 919.83 kB)

Sarbani Saha, Pravin D Kunte, Mahender Kotha - Application of the Remote Sensing and Geo-spatial Technology in Terrain Analysis and Terrain Classification in Context of Creation of SDI for Marine and Coastal Regions (PDF  1.77 MB)

Naressa Belle Ambos Saripada, Chito Lim Patiño, Jonnifer Rafal Sinogaya - Identifying Flood-Prone Areas Due to Sea Level Rise in Nearby Communities of Imbang River in Western Visayas, Philippines (PDF 1.07 MB)

Katie Potts, Abbas Rajabifard - Smart Disaster Communities: Building a Global Disaster Management Platform (PDF 508.59 kB)

Viktor Putrenko - Risk Modeling of Accidents in the Power System of Ukraine Based on SDI Data (PDF 1.13 MB)

Bujar Isa Nushi, Bastiaan van Loenen, Joep Crompvoets - Blueprint for the STIG1.0 - Defining the Core SDI Principles and Setting Up the Performance Indicators (PDF 796.72 kB)

Yun-Tzu Kuo, Jhen-Kai Liao, Kai-Wei Chiang - Accuracy Analysis of Distance Model Correction using Bluetooth Low Energy Technology on Indoor Positioning Systems (PDF 684.33 kB)

Hideki Hayashi, Akinori Asahara, Hitoshi Tomita - Are Estimation Algorithms Applicable for Disaster Management? – An Experimental Demonstration of Disaster-Information-Integration Platform Named ‘G-space Platform’ (PDF 1.35 MB)

Lay Jinn-Guey, Chen Chang-An, Wu Jia-Rong, Kao Ching-Jen - Applications of Geographic Names in K12 Education of Taiwan (PDF 617.30 kB)