The GSDI Association maintains a limited calendar of events in the geo field. More extensive lists are maintained by our MoU Partners - see FIG, ISPRS, ICA, ISDE and OGC.

We also highlight special events for which GSDI are official Media Sponsors because we feel that they can have a direct impact on implementing Spatial Data Infrastructures around the globe.

View the list of forthcoming conferences below. 

Washington, DC USA
Conference Dates: 2-7 July 2017
UN Headquarters, New York, USA
Meeting Dates: 31 July - 4 August 2017
Lviv, Ukraine
Conference Dates: 14-16 Sep 2017
Wuhan, China
Conference Dates: 18-22 September 2017
UN Conference Centre, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Conference Dates: 20-24 November 2017

Zürich, Switzerland
Conference Dates: 15–17 January 2018

7th Digital Earth Summit 2018 / DES-2018 (Digital Earth for Sustainable Development in Africa)
El Jadida, Morocco
Conference Dates: 17-19 April 2018