GSDI Presentation at CEOS WGISS-43 Meeting in Annapolis, MD, USA

On 3 April, GSDI representative to CEOS, Dr Gabor Remetey-Fulopp, will make a presentation on GSDI liaison activities since the previous meeting (WGISS-42) via remote connection, as Dr Remetey-Fulopp will be in Sydney, Australia, at the time, presenting at the Digital Earth 10-Locate17 Conference. You can download Dr Remetey-Fulopp's full presentation from this link

 CEOS is the Committee of Earth Observation Satellites,  established in September, 1984, in response to a recommendation from a Panel of Experts on Remote Sensing from Space and set up under the aegis of the G7 Economic Summit of Industrial Nations Working Group on Growth, Technology, and Employment. This Panel recognized the multidisciplinary nature of space-based Earth observations and the value of coordinating international Earth observation efforts to benefit society. CEOS initially focused on interoperability, common data formats, the inter-calibration of instruments, and common validation and inter-comparison of products. However, over time, the circumstances surrounding the collection and use of space-based Earth observations have changed.

In response to this changing environment, CEOS has evolved, becoming more complex and expanding the number and scope of its activities. In addition to its original charge, CEOS now focuses on validated requirements levied by external organizations, works closely with other satellite coordinating bodies (e.g. the Coordination Group for Meteorological Satellites, CGMS), and continues its role as the primary forum for international coordination of space-based Earth observations.

The full WGISS-43 agenda can be found here.

Find our more about CEOS here.

 Dr Gabor Remetey-Fulopp has been special representative to CEOS on behalf of the GSDI Association for a number of years and is a valued Individual Member of the Association.