OGC Marine Domain Working Group Meeting - 30 January 2017 - Vancouver

The OGC Marine DWG will meet on 30 January 2017 at the Metropolitan Hotel, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The agenda for the meeting is below (times in Pacific time zone).

0900 – Expectations of the MOU between IHO and OGC

0915 – Overview of the Marine DWG

0930 – Topic 1: Land and Sea integration

• Jonathan Pritchard, UKHO to introduce the topic and provide some examples in this area
• John Pepper, Oceanwise to provide some insight into land and sea integration challenges
• Group discussion on the challenges

1030 – Topic 2: The wider use of marine data and related standards

• Andy Hoggarth, Teledyne CARIS to introduce the topic and highlight some challenges
• Taylor Brown, DOF Subsea to provide an update on IOGP Seabed Survey Data Model (SSDM)
• Hugh Astle, Teledyne CARIS to discuss interoperability experiment between SSDM and IHO S-100
• Jonathan Pritchard, UKHO to present the challenges around portrayal as it relates to defense versus civilian data use
• Ed Kuwalek, IIC to highlight portrayal work done for IHO S-100

1200 – Lunch

1300 – Topic 2 continued:

• Rafael Ponce, Esri to discuss challenges and benefits of using IHO S-57 data for broader GIS purposes
• Karen Douglas, Ocean Networks Canada, Challenges in providing marine data in formats designed for land data
• Group discussion on the challenges

14:00 – Topic 3: Current Marine SDI initiatives and Marine DWG involvement

• Sebastian Cariso, NGA to introduce topic and provide information on Arctic SDI initiatives
• Trevor Taylor, OGC to discuss progress with Arctic SDP and next steps
• Jens Peter Hartmann, Danish Geospatial Agency to present the work of the Baltic Sea MSDI group
• Roger Longhorn, GSDI Association to advise on other Marine SDI initiatives
• Group discussion on where the OGC Marine DWG can help with Marine SDI initiatives

1530 – Development of the work plan based on summary of identified challenges

1630 – Close

 For more information on the OGC Marine Domain Working Group, visit http://www.opengeospatial.org/projects/groups/marinedwg.