INSPIRE Conference 2017 presentations and video recordings online

After an intensive week of interesting discussions at the 2017 INSPIRE conference in Strasbourg and Kehl, the presentations and video recordings of the presentations during the parallel sessions are now available on the Conference website ( ). The video recordings of the plenaries are available here ( ).

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Several GSDI members made presentations and conducted workshops at INSPIRE 2017, including:

Harmonising Open Licences in the European Union: ‘Been There. Done That. What’s Next?’ ? , Bastiaan van Loenen, TU Delft - Presentation

Multiple Agency Cooperation for Implementing the EU Maritime Spatial Planning Directive, Roger Longhorn, GSDI Secretary-General - Presentation

The effects of open data on the business model of National Mapping Agencies: which adaptations will be required to ensure sustainable financing? Frederika Welle Donker, TU Delft - Presentation

French institutional Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs) : a focus on users, Jade Georis-Creuseveau, GSDI Marine SDI Bes Practice Project Leader - Presentation

Introducing User Feedback in SDI to improve data quality and user experience and user experience and Increased use of Feature catalog metadata in SDI's, Paul van Genuchten, GeoCat - Presentation 1 - Presentation 2

OGC/INSPIRE versus OpenData/LinkedData and Introducing Dutch National Georegister version 3, Paul van Genuchten, GeoCat - Presentation 3 - Presentation 4

Building on INSPIRE - the need for a pan-European geospatial data service, Michael Cory, EuroGeographics - Presentation


ISDE 2018 Digital Earth Summit in Morocco

The 7th Digital Earth Summit 2018, DES-2018, on Digital Earth for Sustainable Development in Africa will be held in El Jadida, Morocco, at the Faculty of Science, Chouaib Douakkali University from April 17-19, 2018.

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EuroGeographics Workshop on Spatial Data Quality

Quality KEN call for papers: 2nd International Workshop on Spatial Data Quality.

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GISTAM 2018 Conference in Madeira 17-19 March 2018

GISTAM 2018 - The International Conference on Geographical Information Systems Theory, Applications and Management, will be held in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, on 17-19 March, 2018, and aims to create a meeting point of researchers and practitioners that address new challenges in geo-spatial data sensing, observation, representation, processing, visualization, sharing and managing, in all aspects concerning both information communication and technologies (ICT) as well as management information systems and knowledge-based systems.

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GISTAM 2018 - Call for Papers

It is a pleasure to announce the GISTAM 2018 conference, which will take place from 17 to 19 March 2018 in Funchal, Madeira - Portugal.

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GSDI Presentation at CEOS WGISS-43 Meeting in Annapolis, MD, USA

On 3 April, GSDI representative to CEOS, Dr Gabor Remetey-Fulopp, will make a presentation on GSDI liaison activities since the previous meeting (WGISS-42) via remote connection, as Dr Remetey-Fulopp will be in Sydney, Australia, at the time, presenting at the Digital Earth 10-Locate17 Conference. You can download Dr Remetey-Fulopp's full presentation from this link

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OGC Marine Domain Working Group Meeting - 30 January 2017 - Vancouver

The OGC Marine DWG will meet on 30 January 2017 at the Metropolitan Hotel, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The agenda for the meeting is below (times in Pacific time zone).

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